Thomas O. Williams Jr.

Thomas O. Williams Jr.

Associate Professor


314 War Memorial Hall 
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Office: 540-231-8337


Department Membership

School of Education


  • Autistic Disorder
  • Test Psychometrics
  • Violence and Aggression
  • IES Data Sets
  • Disabilities and STEM

Professional Activities

  • Special Education Program Leader
  • Council for Exceptional Children Division for Children with Behavioral Disorders 
  • Council for Exceptional Children Division for Research 
  • Council for Exceptional Children Division for Educational Diagnostic Services 
  • Council for Exceptional Children Division of International Special Education and Services 


  • Ph.D. Auburn University
  • M. Ed James Madison University
  • B.S. James Madison University
  • A.A.S. Lord Fairfax Community College

Research Interests

    Awards and Honors

    Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Award, 2017

    Selected Publications


    • Williams, T.O., Ernst, J.V., & Rossi, L. (2018). Teaching Credentials in the Inclusive STEM Classroom. Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research, 19(4), 27-31.
    • Williams, T. O., Ernst, J. V., & Clark, A. C. (2018). Profile of workforce development educators: A comparative credential, composition, and characteristic analysis. Journal of Technology Studies, 44(1), 14-27.
    • Besterman, K., Williams, T.O., & Ernst, J.V. (2018). STEM teachers’ preparedness for English language learners. Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research, 19(3), 33-40.
    • Williams, T. O., Billingsley, B.B., & Banks, A. (2018). Incidences of student-on-teacher threats and attacks: A comparison of special and general education teachers. Journal of Special Education Leadership, 31(1), 39-49.
    • Ernst, J.V. & Williams, T.O.  (2015). The “Who, what, and how conversation”: Characteristics and responsibilities of current in-service technology and engineering educators.  Journal of Technology Education Studies (41)1, 48-56.
    • Mesmer, H. A., & Williams, T.O. (2015). Examining the role of syllable awareness in a model of concept of word: Findings with preschoolers. Reading Research Quarterly, (50)4, 483-497

    Sponsored Research

    • Williams, T. O., Jr. (2015). An Examination of the Effect of Having Completed a GED Program Upon the Post-release Outcomes of CTE Program Completers. $42,396.00. Virginia Department of Corrections - Division of Education