Department of Philosophy

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Department of Philosophy

We publish cutting edge philosophy research and train students to become critical thinkers. Our classes are small, emphasizing a flexible curriculum with a lot of one on one time between students and faculty.

Our faculty specialize in a variety of philosophical studies, particularly the philosophy of science, the history of philosophy, and moral and political philosophy. We also host visiting faculty members working in epistemology, philosophy of language, and early modern philosophy.

We offer the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts, and participate in two interdisciplinary doctoral programs:

  • The Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought (ASPECT)
  • Science and Technology Studies (STS)


Maria Jernigan Named Student of the Year

Maria Jernigan, a triple major from Virginia Beach, Virginia, thinks about how virtual reality could enhance high school learning. She absently taps an old-fashioned fountain pen against her notebook as she outlines a project that transports students to Washington, D.C., and Beijing to explore political issues that affect both the United States and China. She hopes the technology will motivate students to solve global issues through collaboration.

The four years that Jernigan has spent at Virginia Tech exploring ways to make learning more meaningful for high school students have led her on a journey of academic excellence, culminating with two honors: the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Student of the Year Award and the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Outstanding Senior Award. View more Philosophy stories.

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