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three students walk away from the camera through one of the Eggleston archways. one wears a red backpack. they are all dressed for fall weather

Virginia Tech's School of Education is a closely knit community spanning several campuses with all of the benefits of a major university readily available to its students. Below, you'll find links to resources provided by the School of Education, the Graduate School, and Virginia Tech.

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the Hokie Stone exterior of Memorial Hall, the old home of the SOE, facing the drillfield

School of Education Resources

The School of Education has a wide variety of support offices and systems in place to keep you on track. Below, you'll find some helpful links to information on our website. 

Support Offices:
Frequently Requested Information:
School of Education Student Organizations:
the brick exterior of Donaldson Brown, the current home of the Graduate School at Virginia Tech

Graduate School Resources

All graduate students at Virginia Tech are students of the Graduate School, and are subject to their requirements. Below, you'll find some helpful links to information on their website, including the archive of the GLC Weekly Newsletters.