Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison, SE

Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison



Public Safety Bldg, Suite 201
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Office: 540-231-8331



Department Membership

School of Education


  • Ph.D. The Florida State University
  • M.A. The Florida State University
  • B.S. The Florida State University
  • M.A. The Florida State University
  • B.A. The University of Central Florida

Awards and Honors

  • Chancellor'€™s Visiting Professor
    Uppsala University, 2014-2018
  • Visiting Scholar 
    O–rebro, University, Sweden, Fall 2016.
    University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Summer 2016.
    Dewey Center, University of Cologne, Germany, Fall 2014.
  • Honorary Doctorate, Soka University of Japan, Spring 2018
  • Commencement addres, Soka University of Japan, Spring 2018
  • Hiroshima Peace Award, 2018
  • Books and papers translated into ten foreign languages

Selected Publications


  • Andersson, Joacim, Garrison, Jim, and, Östman, Leif (2018). Empirical Philosophical Investigations In Education and Embodied Experience. New York, N. Y.: Palgrave.
  • Garrison, Jim, Neubert, Stefan Reich, Kersten (2016). Democracy and Education Reconsidered: Dewey After One Hundred Years. New York, N.Y.: Routledge
  • Garrison, Jim ジム・ガリソン, Hickman, Larry ラリー・ヒックマン, Ikeda, Daisaku , 池田 大作, (Spring, 2014). 人間 教育 への 新しき 潮流: デューイと創価 教育. (New Currents Toward Humanistic Education: Dewey and Value-Creating Pedagogy). 出版社:第三文明社. Tokyo: Daisanbunmei-Sha, Inc. Published in English in 2014 as Living as Learning. Cambridge, Mass: Dialogue Path Press. AESA critics choice winner. English edition, Fall 2014. Translated into Mandarin Chinese in 2016. Translated into French in 2018. Contracted for translation into “simplified Chinese” and Vietnamese.


  • Garrison, Jim (2019). Derridian Poststructuralism, Deweyan Pragmatism, and Education. The Oxford Handbook of Dewey. Steven Fesmire (Ed.)
  • Roosevelt, Dirck and Garrison, Jim (2018). McClintock’s “Just So” Stories. Educational Theory. Vol. 68, No. 2, 207-22.
  • Garrison, Jim (2018). Education and Social Self-Creation between Solid and Liquid Modernity. International Research in Higher Education. Vol. 3, Issue 1, 51-55.
  • Garrison, Jim and Neubert, Stefan (2018). Constructivst and Inclusive Education: Exclusion and the Present Crisis of Democracy. International Research in Higher Education. Vol. 3, Issue 1, 56-69.