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Dear School of Education Alumni and Friends,

Welcome to our website!  We are pleased that you have taken the opportunity to see what we’re up to and proud to provide you with a window into our dynamic and vibrant school!  As you peruse the website, you get a glimpse of the quality and depth of our contribution to P-20 education.  Over the past 7 years, we have worked hard to advance our inquiry, leadership, and advocacy for education here in Virginia and across the globe.  In addition to expanding our programming in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as Educational Leadership, we have invested in other master’s and doctoral programs to ensure that we retain the high quality that exemplifies Virginia Tech.  Our research expenditures continue to grow, as do our outreach programs both in Virginia and abroad and our partnerships in P-12 public education and beyond. 



At this time, we are seeing daylight on the economic landscape.  We have managed our resources well, and we are in our second year of hiring faculty that will enable us to rebuild our programs.  We have been digging into our resources to maintain many of the programs and activities that we have always supported.  And, I think all of the hard work and careful decision-making has enabled us to increase faculty and student enrollments, complete renovations, and engaged in programming that was on hold.  That said, and as you all well know, after you’ve pulled from your emergency savings and you have some breathing space, it is time to build back strategically and slowly.  We are doing just that amidst the constant requests for more highly qualified educators and helping to meet the needs of our public P-12 partners.  We need your support in gifts that are targeted specifically for the School of Education.  When you decide to make a gift to the School, and I hope that you will, please designate the School of Education on your donor’s form.  Over the past year we have received outstanding support from you all. Thank you from all of us in the School of Education community. Feel free to target any specific program in the School if you have a particular interest or affiliation.  I will make sure that your program receives your gift. 

Please know that we truly appreciate our over 20,000 alums and countless additional friends.  I see many alums when I visit Virginia schools and agencies, and across the nation.  I always hear accolades about our graduates from superintendents, principals, and other employers  -- and it is so gratifying.   Virginia Tech does make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and communities.  And, we do have a bright future as grow and contribute to the greater good.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Best wishes and GO HOKIES!!!

Share Your Wealth

Our students benefit from gifts and support from alumni and friends who invest in expanding opportunities. These include endowed scholarships, a program excellence endowed fund, and an endowed lecture. Gifts are made in two categories: annual or major. 

Annual gifts of any size demonstrate your recognition of the value of your degree and your desire to see the program thrive. Please designate your annual gifts to the School of Education.

If you wish to make a major gift, please contact Dan Cleveland, our assistant dean of advancement, by emailing him or calling him at 540-231-5380.