Joseph S. Mukuni

Joseph Mukuni, Visiting Asst Professor AY.School of Education, CLAHS.

Joseph S. Mukuni

Joseph S. Mukuni

Visiting Assistant Professor


202 War Memorial Hall 
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Office: 540-231-0919


Department Membership

School of Education


  • Career and Technical Education Methodology
  • Student Classroom Management
  • Workforce Developmet in a Global Society
  • Career and Technical Education Policy Formulation & Evaluation
  • English-Communication Skills
  • Project Management

Professional Activities

  • Co-leader of the faculty led Zambia Study Abroad program
  • Member of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Diversity Committee
  • Virginia Tech Lifelong Learning Institute    


  • Ph.D. Virginia Tech
  • Ed.S. Virginia Tech
  • M.Sc. Aston University, United Kingdom

Research Interests

    Awards and Honors

    Cesar Chavez Action and Commitment Award, Florida Education Association (2015)

    Future Faculty Development Program, Virginia Tech (2014)

    Linton Grinter Fellowship, Department of Political Science, University of Florida (2010-2014)

    Selected Publications

    Mukuni, J., & Tlou, J. (2018). The Place of Ubuntu in Global Education. In Cases on Global Competencies for Educational Diplomacy in International Settings (pp. 223-248). IGI Global.

    Mukuni, J., & Price, B. (2016). Identifying connections between career and technical education (CTE) and academic programs through standards of learning. International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education8(4), 25-34.

    Mukuni, J. (2015). The chronic shortage of STEM talent: The place of integrative STEM education. Teacher Education & Practice, Spring/Summer 2015, Vol. 28 No. 2/3. P 208.

    Mukuni, J., & Price, B. (2013). Portability of technical skills across occupations: A case for demolition of disciplinary silos? International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education5(2), 21-28.

    Mukuni, J., & Price, B. (2014). Mukuni, J. & Price, B., (2014).  Implementation challenges of a donor funded development project: Lessons learned through a deep-end strategy while implementing a development program in Zambia.  Journal of African Studies and Development,  Vol. 6(1) pp. 1-7, January 2014. DOI 10.5897/JASD2013.0262



    Additional Information

    Dr. Mukuni has attended professional development programs in a number of countries including Demark, China, the Netherlands, Tanzania, and Swaziland in areas of general management, administration, project management, small business management, and human resource management & development. He has also attended international conferences in Botswana, Canada, France, Germany, Kenya, Malawi, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.