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Our Department of History publishes cutting-edge historical research, trains students to become critical thinkers and strong researchers, and shares our passion for history with the community. Classes are small, and our close-knit History majors and faculty hold regular social events and service activities through our award-winning history honor society.


civil war
A contemporary shot of the McLean House, the site of General Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House, overlays a photograph of the McLean family sitting on their porch soon after the Civil War ended. (Courtesy of Ron Zanoni)

Civil War Weekend to explore the power of place

The stillness of a long-ago battlefield, the suffering of soldiers in a prison camp, and the unexpected origins of a historic cemetery will all be explored at the 27th annual Civil War Weekend.

This year’s event — to be held at The Inn at Virginia Tech on March 16 to 18 — will focus on significant Civil War sites. View More History Stories.

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