Katherine S. Cennamo

Katherine S Cennamo, Professor, School of Education

Katherine S. Cennamo

Katherine S. Cennamo



201 War Memorial Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Office: 540-231-9122


Department Membership

School of Education


  • Application of learning theories to instructional products
  • Video-based learning

Professional Activities

  • Chair, Faculty of Learning Sciences and Technologies. Manage day-­‐to-­‐day operation including budget; faculty and staff; promotion and tenure procedures, and faculty evaluations. July 2013-January 2015; July 2015- present.
  • Member, School of Education Leadership Committee. Advise Director on all matters related to SOE goals, expectations, and operations. July 2013-January 2015; July 2015- present.
  • Chair, Learning Sciences and Technology  Promotion  and Tenure Committee,  2009--‐2012.
  • Coordinator of Educational Research and Development, Creative Technologies in the Arts Initiative, 2007--‐ 2010.    


  • Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
  • M. Ed. University of Arizona
  • B. A. Virginia Tech

Research Interests

    Awards and Honors

    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award, one of two awarded annually by the Virginia Tech Center for Instructional  Development and Educational Research. 2014.

    Finalist, 2014 Global Giveback Competition, LINGOs/Last Mile Learning, for 7 courses created by students under my supervision. http://lingos.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/lscon_gg_volunteers/

    IAP-DDL Distance Education Best Practices Award, 2nd place, Association of Educational Communications and Technology, November 1, 2013.

    Teacher of the Week, selected by the Virginia Tech Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research, based on student nominations,  2013.

    Honored as “Distance Learning Pioneer”, Institute of Distant and Distributed Learning, 2007    

    Selected Publications


    Cennamo, K. (2016). Orchestrating Learning. In Boling, E., Schwier, R. A., Gray, C.M., Smith, K. M. & Campbell, K. (Eds.), Studio teaching in higher education: Selected design cases. New York, NY: Routledge.

    Cennamo, K. (2016). What is Studio. In Boling, E., Schwier, R. A., Gray, C.M., Smith, K. M. & Campbell, K. (Eds.), Studio teaching in higher education: Selected design cases. New York, NY: Routledge.

    Cennamo, K. S. (2013). In Education we all want to be nice: Lessons learned from a multidisciplinary design studio. In Hokanson, B. & Gibbons, A. (Eds.) Design in educational technology: Design thinking, design process, and the design studio. New York: Springer-­‐‑Verlag.


    Fowlin, J. M. & Cennamo, K. S. (2016) Approaching knowledge management through the lens of the knowledge life cycle: A case study investigation. Tech Trends, DOI: 10.1007/s11528-016-0126-4 (10 pages).

    Holbrook, H. A. & Cennamo, K. (2014). Effects of high-fidelity virtual training simulators on learners’ self-efficacy. International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations, 6(2), 38-52,

    Cennamo, K. & Brandt, C. (2012).   The right kind of telling: Knowledge--‐building in the academic design studio. Educational  Technology  Research and Development,  60 (5), 839--‐858.

    Brandt, C. B., Cennamo, K., Douglas, S., Vernon, M., & McGrath, M. (2013). A theoretical framework for the studio as a learning environment. International Journal of Technology and Design Education,  23 (2), 329-348

    Cennamo, K., Brandt, C. Scott, B, Douglas, S., McGrath, M., Reimer, Y., & Vernon, M. (2011). Managing the complexity  of design problems through studio--‐based learning. Interdisciplinary  Journal of Problem--‐based Learning, 5 (2), Article 5.  Available at: http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/ijpbl/vol5/iss2/5

    Sponsored Research

    Kafura, D., Cennamo, K., Ernst, J. Shaffer, C. & Tilevich, E. (2016) A Scaffolded Data-Centric Approach to Improved Learning of Introductory Computing Concepts. National Science Foundation, $594,314 9/1/2016-8/31/2019.

    Lepczyk, B & Cennamo, K. (2016) Extending Creativity through a Multidisciplinary Choreographic Digital Project. SEAD (Science, Engineering, Art, and Design) Mini Grant. Awarded through Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT),  $3000. 04/14/2016- 06/30/2016.

    Vernon, M. R. (PI), Ermann, M., Simonetti, J., & Cennamo, K. (2009).  Phoebe's  Field:  Exploring physics through narrative and metaphor. Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment (ISCE) 2009 Summer Faculty Scholars Program, $16,000, June--‐December 2009. (10%)