Undergraduate Research Institute 2017-2018 Grant Applications Now Available!

Application links are in the "College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences" tab under "Funding Your Research" below

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research and Independent Study


Every department offers opportunities for undergraduate research or independent study. Undergraduate Research allows students to work closely with a faculty mentor to create and pursue their own project, while Independent Study provides students with the opportunity to pursue guided study on a particular topic with a professor.

Collaboration with Faculty

Faculty in the college frequently seek students to help them in their own research. If you are curious about a professor's area of expertise, you can ask about pursuing a collaborative project. The college also maintains a list of faculty seeking undergraduate researchers.

Honors Thesis

Students in the University Honors Program must complete a thesis for the "in Honors" or "Honors Baccalaureate" degrees.  An honors thesis is a great opportunity to pursue your own research in a substanial and sustained way.


Funding Your Research

ACC Research Scholars

Each year the ACC Undergraduate Research Scholars Award Committee offers funding to support the research of highly qualified students.

For more information about how Virginia Tech will be awarding this support,  contact:

Rachel Holloway
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
104 Buruss Hall (0717)
800 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

The College offers grants to fund research and presentations in the fall and spring each year. Funding opportunities are available to undergraduate students majoring, minoring, or working with faculty mentors in the college for conducting research and for traveling to present or perform their work.  The following are the 2017 Undergraduate Research Institute Spring Grants:


Departmental Funding

Many departments have funds to support research. Ask your advisor or department chair for more information.

University Funding

The University Office of Undergraduate Research offers Conference Travel Funds to present your work.

Presenting Your Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research hosts this conference each February, where you can present undergraduate research posters, papers, and projects.

Each spring, the Phi Alpha Theta history honors society sponsors a series of regional conferences, including one based in Virginia that moves from site to site.

Each spring, usually in March, the Virginia Social Science Association hosts a meeting that features presentations from undergraduates, students, and faculty. The Department of History generally has one or more students presenting at this conterence each year.

English Undergraduate Research Conference

Every year, the English Department hosts an Undergraduate Research Conference giving students the opportunity to showcase their work in a public forum. This one-day event includes an entire day of research and writing. From creative writing, to literary analysis, to professional writing, everyone is encouraged to participate in the Conference!

Each spring, the ACC puts on a conference that highlights undergraduate research. Presenters are chosen by each participating university.


This  interdisciplinary conference hosts students representing universities, both nationally and internationally. They present their research and creative works in oral, poster, performance, and visual arts presentations.

National Collegiate Research Conference

NCRC is a platform for undergraduates from across the nation to share their interest in research. The Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA) strongly believes that student researchers have the ability to make meaningful and significant contributions in all fields of study and to the greater body of world research knowledge.

Publishing Your Research


The student-led Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review  showcases undergraduate research on historical topics.

Philologia Cover

Each year, the College of Liberal and Human Sciences publishes a student-run undergraduate research journal.


Silhouette is a semi-annual publication for undergraduate and graduate work from Virginia Tech students in the areas of poetry, prose, photography, art, and all things creative.