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Our department conducts research on international topics, offers 12 languages, and serves students from all majors. Language and literature can open doors for business, research, global collaborations, and deeper relationships. Come discover a whole new world as you learn a language with us. The available language programs include:


translating on the fly

Translating on the Fly

Anna Bolton dodged the cooler of Gatorade aimed at Cleveland Indians shortstop José Ramírez, but she couldn’t avoid the cooler of water that followed. “Bienvenida al equipo,” Indians’ shortstop Francisco Lindor said. Welcome to the team.

Soaking wet but undaunted, Bolton (Spanish ’07, M.A. Spanish and second language education ’08) carried on in her role as the Indians’ Spanish translator by working with Ramírez, who was being interviewed about his game-tying home run at that game in August 2016.. View More Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Stories.