The college offers a wide array of graduate programs to suit your needs in Blacksburg, Hampton Roads Center,  Northern Virginia Center - Falls Church,  Richmond Center,  Roanoke Center, Southwest Virginia Center - Abingdon. If you are ready to pursue advanced studies, you'll find what you need in our varied offerings.

Master’s Programs

 *Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

**Degree in Counselor Education 

Doctoral Programs

*Degree in Curriculum and Instruction 

Education (Specialist Programs)

*Degree in Curriculum and Instruction


Education (Teaching Licensure Programs)

*Program Area in Career and Technical Education

**Program Area in Curriculum and Instruction within Science Education 

***Program Area in Counselor Education

****Program Area in Curriculum and Instruction 


Education (Advanced Licensure Endorsement )

*Program Area in Curriculum and Instruction

**Program Area in Counselor Education

Graduate Certificates

Approved Accelerated UG/GR Programs

Accelerated Master's Degree programs for Virginia Tech undergraduate students who wish to earn a graduate degree after completing their baccalaureate work. 

Online Programs

*Degree in Curriculum and Instruction 

Planning a visit to Virginia Tech?

If so, we would love to meet you. Tour the school and talk with faculty in your area of interest. Get to know some of our college's top students and ask them questions about any topic ranging from academics to college lifestyle.