The multidisciplinary family and consumer sciences degree provides a wide-range of career opportuities by training students in areas including financial security, housing, nutrition, health and wellness, personal and family relationships, and sustainable quality of life.

100% of students complete internships
1 of 4 Family and Consumer Sciences majors in Virginia
37 Credit hours apply towards teacher licensure
24 Average upper-level class size
What is a Family and Consumer Sciences Degree?

Family and Consumer Sciences is a multidisciplinary program designed to prepare graduates to teach and support students, families, and communities as they make critical decisions about their well-being, relationships, and use of resources. 

Why Study Family and Consumer Sciences Here?

The major puts you on track for our Career and Technical Education master’s degree, which provides the credentials and experiences needed to be a licensed family and consumer sciences teacher. 

Beyond the Classroom

Get Your Teaching Credentials

Teaching Credentials
Continuing Your Education

Qualified graduates of the family and consumer sciences program are eligible to enroll in the master of science in career and technical education to complete their qualifications to become licensed teachers in middle and high school family and consumer sciences programs.

Scholarships are available for students planning to enter the career and technical education masters’ program through the School of Education.

Master of Sciences in Career and Technical Education

Make the Most of Your Education

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Professional Development

The Virginia Association of Family and Consumer Sciences is an affiliate of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS). It is an organization that represents and supports professionals interested in family and consumer sciences issues.  Student members participate in state and national programs and apply for scholarships.

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Faculty Mentors

Faculty Invested in You

Our small class sizes provide individualized attention while you are learning. Our faculty members are productive scholars, authors, and award-winning teachers who are always eager to mentor students.

Family and Consumer Sciences Internship

Get Experience

Field Studies that build on your coursework

Gain hands-on experience through internships. Our students complete internships closely aligned with their curriculum. Graduates pursue jobs in:

  • Community organizations
  • Cooperative extension
  • Business
  • Public affairs
  • Public relations

Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty
What Our Students Are Saying

"This past summer I had an internship with the Virginia Cooperative Extension. I felt very confident in completing all of the tasks that I was given because of the knowledge and skills that I had gained through my in-major classes."

— Christina Crider, '16

Careers and Further Study