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Faculty members and graduates of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences are encouraged to submit any books that are still in print to our Faculty Bookshelf and Alumni Bookshelf. Faculty should submit  books through the Faculty Book Submission Form, ideally with a high-resolution image of the book cover. (The optimal image size is 72 dpi at a width of 10 inches.) Alumni should submit  books through the Alumni Book Submission Form. Before submitting a book, please ensure that it is not already included. Unfortunately, we cannot include links to commercial book-selling sites.

Media Mentions

College faculty members should submit media mentions through the Faculty Media Mention Submission Form. Alumni should submit media mentions through the Alumni Media Mention Submission Form.

Academic News (News2Note)

Academic news for faculty, staff, and departments or programs in general:

  • Publications when published. Please include page numbers for article and chapters. To avoid repetition and to provide a complete reference, pre-publications online will not be announced; rather, the publication will be noted when the print version appears.
  • Conference presentations with current Virginia Tech students
  • Keynote or plenary presentations only, not invited speakers in general
  • Awards, grants, honors, and other accomplishments of note*

Academic news for students:

  • Conference presentations (papers or posters) and publications, either accepted or published
  • Awards, grants, honors, and other accomplishments of note*

*“Of note” is left to the discretion of the submitter and of the Academic News editorial staff.

Please identify the status of all Virginia Tech individuals named: faculty, staff, graduate students, or undergraduates. If the news item includes the names of individuals not in your department or unit, please identify them.


The university’s Photo Library includes current and archival images.

University Relations has changed the way it handles photography requests. Please submit requests through Leslie King (

Marketing and Communications Team Members

Web Applications Analyst/College Network Liaison 
Adnan Saeed

Contact for technical issues related to College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences websites.

Director of Marketing and Communications
Paula Byron

Contact for content requests for the college news site, as well as media inquiries.

Manager of Marketing and Communications
Leslie King

Contact for photography requests as well as updates to content pages for the main college website. Requests for changes to major and minor pages should be submitted to Monica Kimbrell.