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Spanish Major


With more than 600 million speakers globally, and as the official language in 21 countries, Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. You'll learn first-rate oral competency, critical thinking skills, and analytic writing expertise in Spanish to enjoy an edge in an ever-changing job market.  









Total Credit Hours: 120

Grammar, Culture, and Literature Courses (36 hours)


General Education (45 hours)

Electives (39 hours)

What You'll Study

The flexibility of the Spanish major will allow you to cater the courses to fit your interests and goals. Over the first three years, you can set specific goals to improve your proficiency level. Take upper-level courses in language, literature, culture, linguistics, translation, business, and oral proficiency.  You'll take 120 credit hours for a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages, including Virginia Tech's Pathways. We offer classes including the following:

  • Spanish for Oral Proficiency
  • Spanish-American Culture and Literature
  • Sounds of Spanish
  • Introduction to Spanish Translation
  • Spanish for the Medical Professions
  • Spanish for the Business Professions

The Spanish Placement Guide will help you select your first Spanish course. 

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What Is a Major in Spanish?

You'll take coursework focused on improving your verbal and written communication skills to master the language. We spotlight Hispanic culture, literature, linguistics, and professional preparation. Our students study business and translation as it relates to the Hispanic community. 

Why Study Spanish Here?

Gain unparalleled learning experiences as you participate in internships, research, and study abroad. Learn to adapt to cross-cultural roles throughout your career. You'll graduate with a highly marketable skill and an enriched appreciation of Spanish-American culture.

Beyond the Classroom

Get Involved

Join the chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, which coordinates service projects, events, and Spanish tutoring. 

Practice your conversational skills with our Spanish Club during monthly activities and "Hablamos Groups." Learn Flamenco and other Spanish dances by joining Olé at VT. The options are endless.  



Summer Courses

Get two weeks of complete Spanish immersion without leaving Virginia. Each summer, you can meet with an intensive class for three hours per day for 15 days. In addition to class time and coursework, you'll participate in our extracurricular activities. You can earn up to six hours of undergraduate or graduate academic credit. 


Visit Universities in Spain and Ecuador

El Camino de Santiago

Walk to school through exciting geographical regions of Spain, from the blistering heat of the Meseta Plateau to the refreshing eucalyptus forests of Galicia. 

Virginia Tech in Spain

Study at the Estudio Sampere (EIS) in Madrid and be centrally located with access to stores, museums, and restaurants. Each weekend, enjoy cultural tours of Spain.

Ecuador Exchange Program

Spend one or more semesters studying at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) in Ecuador. You'll be located just outside of the historic capital city of Quito.

Oviedo Exchange Program

Study as an exchange student at the Universidad de Oviedo. Oviedo is a small university town in the northern Spanish community of Asturias.

The Global Education Office will also work with you to consider studying in other countries or programs. 




You can try our free spanish tutoring (available for all speaking levels) through Sigma Delta Pi. Request help learning the language or practicing your conversational skills. To connect with a tutor and schedule a session, contact Sarah Sierra at 


What Our Students Are Saying

Careers and Further Study

What do I do with a major in Spanish?

With Spanish being the official language in 21 countries, your options are limitless. Your skills will be sought-after as you communicate with some of the world's 400 million native speakers in a variety of fields including business, government, education, tourism, and science. Recent graduates have jobs including: 

  • FBI Linguist
  • Publishing Specialist
  • Technical Writer
  • Translator or Interpreter
  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Hospitality and Tourism Manager 
  • Foreign Services Officer
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Cultural Events Liaison
  • International Exchange Trader
  • International Banking Officer

Our graduates also earn graduate or professional degrees in Hispanic studies, law, business, education, and medicine.