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Classical Studies Major

What is a Major in Classical Studies?

You'll explore two ancient and influential civilizations, while learning the languages of each. Find disciplines including mythology, history, languages, and art.

Why Study Classical Studies at Virginia Tech?

Our interactive courses deepen and challenge your perceptions of ancient cultures. We encourage undergraduate research and learning through study abroad opportunities,  including archaeological digs. Students can complete undergraduate research that will allow them to further explore topics they are interested in.

Double Major

Student Organizations

Average Upper-Level Class Size

Careers and Further Study

What Can You Do with a major in Classical Studies?

Jobs Held by Our Graduates

  • Archaeologist
  • Historical Artifact Conservator
  • University Professor
  • Attorney
  • Psychologist
  • Marketing Account Executive
  • Publisher/Editor
  • Surgeon
  • Investment Analyst


Beyond the Classroom

Experiential Learning

Get Involved

Join Eta Sigma Phi, the Honorary Society for Classical Studies. You'll attend the annual Eta Sigma Phi convention, compete in translation contests, and be eligible for Eta Sigma Phi national scholarships. 

Stop by The Classics Club and enjoy movie nights, road trips, and the annual Saturnalia and Bacchanalia parties. You'll volunteer with local schools and participate in Virginia's Senior and Junior Classical League.

Undergraduate Research

As you complete undergraduate research, you'll have opportunities to submit your work to conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals, including Philologia

We encourage independent study and your undergraduate research with a faculty advisor, especially if you're planning to pursue graduate school.

Image for undergraduate research
Study Away

Step back in time as you walk through Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. You'll trace Roman life and influence into local provinces. As you move into Rome, you'll explore sights like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Piazza Navona. You'll also have opportunities to gain field experience at archaeological digs. 

Let the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean    
be your textbook and earn credits towards your classical studies major. 

Study Abroad
Expert Faculty 

With faculty drawn from diverse departments, we celebrate unique perspectives on classical studies. Their research topics include ancient magic, archaeology and art history, historiography, ​​poetry, and modern engagement with ancient cultures.

We share a deep commitment to undergraduate teaching, and our faculty have received many teaching and advising awards.


Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages Degree

Classical Studies Major Requirements

  • Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology
  • The World of Alexander the Great
  • Classics and Gaming
  • Women in Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Ancient Folktale and Fairytale
  • Later Roman Empire
  • Ancient Cities

Minor and Elective Hours

Our program gives you the opportunity to build knowledge in another area by pursuing a minor, double major, or cognate.

120 hrs
B.A. Foreign Languages

45 hrs
General Education

36 hrs
Major Requirements

39 hrs


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