Arabic Minor

Arabic offers the exploration of systematic structures and beautiful patterns. It will help you better understand and appreciate a region that is often misrepresented and oversimplified in mainstream media.

Total Credit Hours: 18

Arabic Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

What You'll Study

Arabic is an official language of the United Nations and has been designated as a critical language of strategic importance.

Arabic civilizations have made significant contributions in areas including medicine, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, music, philosophy, poetry, and astronomy. Learning Arabic will introduce you to this rich civilization. It enables you to read texts in their original language and conduct fieldwork in Arabic, adding value to your scholarship.

Having a knowledge of Arabic makes you more marketable in fields including journalism, translation, petroleum engineering, international law, foreign service, teaching and research, international business and banking, consultancy, and international development.

At Virginia Tech, you will study the Arabic language, composition, literature, and culture. Courses include Arabic Culture and Civilization and Modern Arabic Literature in Translation.



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Beyond the Classroom

What's the best way to practice Arabic?

Talk with native speakers. Since Arabic is a highly sought-after critical language, there are increasing opportunities for funding that would allow you to study Arabic in an immersive environment in the Middle East.



Strong Community

Several Arabic student clubs provides you with an array of opportunities for linguistic and cultural immersion. They organize a variety of educational and fun cultural events, including Arabic conversation tables, lectures, films, and artistic performances. 



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