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Technology Education Major

What is a Major in Technology Education?

The Technology Education program at Virginia Tech prepares students to solve technological challenges by innovating and inventing through the use of engineering and design processes. By designing, modeling, and analyzing solutions to technological challenges, as well as learning methods in teaching, students are prepared to pursue a career in secondary education as a technology education teacher.

Student building Lego robot in the STEM Education Collaboratory

Why Study Technology Education at Virginia Tech?

Preparing students for the future workforce requires highly trained teachers, particularly in STEM fields. Technology education is founded in innovative pedagogies that engage students in authentic project-based activities to develop essential workforce skills (i.e., critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, design-thinking, innovation, etc.). Technology education teachers can share their interest in engineering and technological processes with middle and high school students in a fun, innovative, and hands-on environment. Technology education for secondary education is a critical-need area in the Commonwealth of Virginia and nationwide with plenty of opportunities for successful careers.

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Careers and Further Study

What Can You Do with a Technology Education Major?

Jobs Held by Our Graduates

  • Middle or High School Technology Education Teacher
  • Industrial Technologist
  • Design-based Industry Education Consultant
  • CAD Operator


Beyond the Classroom

Experiential Learning

Get Experience 

The technology education curriculum incorporates outreach and field experiences to build strong professional and community relationships. Opportunities in the classroom allow students to work on diverse projects and research teams that prepare them for the field. Students also have the opportunity to work in internships in engineering and design-based industries


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Undergraduate Research

As you complete undergraduate research, you'll have opportunities to work with award-winning faculty members with research and teaching interests in a variety of STEM fields.


Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Degree

Technology Education Major Requirements

  • Social Foundations of Education 
  • Secondary School Teaching Methods 
  • Introduction to Computational Thinking 
  • Engineering Technologies 
  • Robotics Education 

Minor and Elective Hours

Our program gives you the opportunity to build knowledge in another area by pursuing a minor, double major, or cognate.

120 hrs
B.S. Secondary Education

45 hrs
General Education

75 hrs
Major and Elective Requirements


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