Our program provides a hands-on, practical approach to understanding the broad range of threats to national and global security in the 21st century.
You will examine U.S. strategy and foreign policy to analyze threats that challenge security both at home and abroad.

20% of our students are cadets
12 Languages to Study
2 programs to study away in Washington D.C.
24 Average upper-level class size
What Is a Degree in National Secruity and Foreign Affairs?

The major analyzes the role of diplomacy in the management of world affairs and examines U.S. strategy and foreign policy. You will critically think about the current and future global geopolitical environment, the use of military force, the informational issues that contribute to the implementation of strategy, and counterterrorism and homeland security. We connect theory to practice and provide you with a hands-on, practical approach to analyze threats that challenge security both at home and abroad.

Why Study National Security and Foreign Affairs Here?

Study at one of only a few universities offering the major with renowned faculty who specialize in national security. We offer a broad training in the liberal arts, emphasizing the study of foreign languages. Opportunities to pursue undergraduate research, conduct field studies, and study abroad are available. Many of our students also participate in the Department of State’s Diplomacy Lab Program and Wonk Tank competition.

Beyond the Classroom

Strong Community

Get Involved

Participate in our active student organizations including (Inter)National and Regional Model UN, International Model NATO, International Model Organization of American States (MOAS), National and Regional Model Arab League, and National Model African Union.

Classics Club Eta Sigma Phi


Get Experience

Internships and cooperative education programs give you an opportunity to receive academic credit for working in a professional setting. Our students complete internships with the U.S. government, international organizations, and national, state, or local administrative agencies. Talk to an advisor who can help you find and secure a meaningful internship opportunity.

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Study Abroad

Travel and Learn

Although studying abroad isn't required, it can often be a pivotal experience for you. Living in a different country is the best way to understand the differences and similarities between cultures. It allows you to develop a personal expertise in a specific national or regional context.

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Outstanding Faculty

Expert Faculty

Our faculty members are productive authors, scholars, and award-winning teachers who are always eager to mentor students on research projects in their field of interest. We have experts on Japan, the European Union, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, the United Kingdom, and other nations, as well as specialists in topics like international security, citizenship, and human rights. If you'd like some guidance on an undergraduate research project, just ask!

Faculty Classics
What Our Students Are Saying

"When I first arrived at Virginia Tech, I was petrified of walking into a packed lecture hall. I felt all eyes were on me as I walked down the aisle to find my seat. My fears were quickly erased as my professor began to talk. She inspired me to think of ideas and ask questions that I never knew were possible. She made me feel like I was an individual with a purpose. With a professor like that I knew I picked the best major."

- Dana Mouritzen '18

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