This program allows you to explore multiple majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences before declaring the one that’s right for you.

30 Undergraduate Majors
50+ Undergraduate Minors
24 Average upper-level class size
560 Dedicated faculty members
What Is Liberal Arts, Undecided?

This option allows you to explore majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences with a dedicated academic advisor. You will be enrolled in a specific first-year experience course which will give you time and resources to explore your strengths, interests, and goals.

Why Study Liberal Arts Here?

We understand your challenge: with 30 majors, narrowing your choice to only one or two can be tough. Fortunately, we offer an undecided designation which allows you to explore multiple majors before declaring the one that’s right for you.




Undergraduate Majors

Our majors are constantly evolving and changing. We'll work with you to create a course of study that is tailored to your own interests. 

Beyond the Classroom


Get Experience

By working in the field, you'll earn job experience and apply your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to explore potential career paths and network with professionals.  

Internships for a Communications major

Study Abroad

Come With Us

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to connect with a different culture, experience new ways of thinking, and explore new places, all while gaining unique understanding and perspectives. Over 1,300 students study abroad each year, going on faculty-led trips, enrolling in international programs, or studying at partner universities.

What Our Students Are Saying

"Attending Virginia Tech and majoring in human development was the experience of a lifetime. During my time at Tech, I learned so much about myself, others, and how I can apply my skills and passions to do my part in making the world a better place." 

— Carrie Covey, BS '06, MSEd. '08

"Communication studies provided me with the flexibility to have two minors and tailor my coursework to my interests. During college I was able to apply what I was learning in my program to courses I took in other departments and in campus leadership roles. I have excelled in graduate school in part because of critical and analytical skills I developed through the communication studies courses."

— Anjelica Smith, BA '14, M.A. '16

"I am a double major with human development and Spanish. Human development is flexible; you can do anything with it. When I was a freshman I had space in my schedule to take biology, chemistry, and physics. My human development internship taught me how to work effectively with people and gave me insight on how to work with children, which has been beneficial in preparing to attend law school to focus on child and family law. Spanish has helped me relate to so many different people and provided me the opportunity to study in Spain. These majors have opened up my world to opportunities that I never knew I would have."

— Michelle Arroyo, '17

“For students who want a hands-on learning experience and classes that they will really want to go to, multimedia journalism/communication is definitely the right choice. Being a communication major helped make this 30,000-plus-student school feel like a small community.”

- Sarah Sweeten, '15

"That is the beauty of the Sociology Department: you have the faculty and staff investment and care of a small college within a major university. The knowledge I gained from my classes combined with the hands-on experiences from service-learning and internships enabled my federal law enforcement career to take off from day one."

- Ben Shannon, '12
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