Be prepared to advocate for consumer interests and to help improve their wellbeing.

17:1 Student-faculty ratio
24 Average upper-level class size
88% of students complete internships
1 of 4 America SaveS college campus programs
What Is a Degree in Consumer Studies?

Graduates are prepared to analyze issues and problems from the perspective of consumers, business, and government. You'll learn to advocate for consumer interests, track economic, social, and political changes, and help consumers improve their personal and financial well-being.

Why Learn Consumer Studies Here?

You might like this major if you're interested in fields like advertising, market research, public relations, management, or government. A consumer studies degree provides a core professional curriculum of business and consumer courses and opportunities for hands-on learning.

Beyond the Classroom

Undergraduate Research


Talk to a professor about designing your own research project or investigating a topic that interests you. You'll work closely with a faculty mentor to plan a course of action, discuss your findings, and write a report. You can also participate in a collaborative project, where you assist a faculty member with their research. 

Consumer Studies undergraduate research


Get Experience

By working in the field, you'll earn job experience and learn more about the industry. Students have recently interned with local businesses, national corporations, and market research firms.

Consumer Studies Internships

Lab Space


The Consumer Education Lab is a flexible space where you can research, plan, and develop consumer education materials and strategies. It facilitates one-on-one and small group consumer education. Activities include group meetings, participating in webinars, peer budget counseling, and editing videos. 

Consumer Education Lab

Faculty Mentors

Strong Community

Our faculty has a mix of industry professionals and teaching and research scholars. Whether your interests are in a career as a market researcher, financial planning, or going on to get a Ph.D., there's a mentor for you here. 

Faculty Mentors

Careers and Further Study