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Integrated Security Minor

What is a Minor in Integrated Security?

You will study complex interactions that take place within and among human, cyber, economic, global, and political dimensions.


What You'll Study

In this minor, you will develop conceptual, analytical and evaluative skills relative to the effects of emerging security events, threats, and risks. You will learn to exercise decision making with a holistic and integrative understanding of a wide range of security challenges.

The program includes completing one of the following tracks:

  • General Security - human, cyber, and environment security courses 
  • Human Security - foundations and exploring human security
  • Securing Cyber - cybersecurity infrastructure, society, and risk and governance

Each track builds upon a theme and incorporates interdisciplinary approaches to security studies.

This minor is ideal for students from all majors and is also available as part of Pathways to General Education

18 hrs
Total Credit Hours


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