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Health Communication Minor

What is a Minor in Health Communication?

This minor is designed for students who are preparing for careers in the health-care industry. They learn to communicate health-related information to various key groups efficiently and effectively.

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What You'll Study

The health communication minor offers courses from several disciplines: communication, history, psychology, public health, history, and sociology. Foundational courses include:

  • CMST 2134: Introduction to Health Communication
  • PHS 2004: Introduction to Public Health
  • HIST 2604/SOC 2604/STS 2604: Introduction to Data in a Social Context
  • CMST 4324: Issues in Health Communication

Additional courses allow students to develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for conveying health information in various cultural, political, and social contexts.


This minor is part of the Pathways to General Education.

21 hrs
Total Credit Hours


Careers and Further Study

What can you do with a minor in Health Communication?

The minor prepares students to work in one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. Students will learn about factors that affect health behaviors and tools that can be used to promote health knowledge.

  • Healthcare provider (physician, physician’s assistant, nurse) 
  • Public health department official 
  • Hospital, clinic, or nursing-facility administrator 
  • Community health worker 
  • Patient advocate 
  • Environmental health specialist

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