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Our dedicated faculty offer individualized attention, helping you learn the fundamentals of French language and culture.

Total Credit Hours: 18

French Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Why Study French?

French is taught in every country in the world and spoken on five continents. The United Nations, NATO, UNESCO, and the International Olympic Committee all use French as one of their official working languages. France has a rich culture, especially in fashion, cuisine, and the arts. This culture is a part of what makes France the number one tourist destination. Having a knowledge of French gives you a professional advantage on the international job markets, including opportunities in Europe, Canada, and Africa. Having a working knowledge of the French language can also open up opportunites at renowned universities around the world.

At Virginia Tech, you will study the French language, composition, literature, and culture. Courses include French Culture form World Wars to Global Present, Oral Proficiency, Business French, and Special Topics in French Life, Literature, and Language. 



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Beyond the Classroom

Virginia Tech in Paris

Study abroad during the summer and earn six credit hours. The program is tailored to your level of French, from beginner to advanced. Guided tours of Paris, excursions to the Loire Valley, Chartres, and Giverny, free time to explore France on your own, and language and culture study at the Alliance Française are all a part of the experience we offer


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