Give critical consideration to controversial issues, learn the philosophies of other cultures, and gather insight of the mysteries of human life.

1:4 Faculty-student ratio
100% research project completion
9 Regular Faculty
49 Undergraduate Philosophy majors
What Is a Degree in Philosophy?

Major in philosophy at Virginia Tech to engage with the world of ideas and learn effective reasoning. Work with award-winning faculty to gain hands-on experience through special projects, study abroad, and internships. The major offers a degree track in pre-medical professions for students interested in pursuing careers in health or medicine. The philosophy major positions you for graduate and professional school as well as a variety of careers in business, education, government, journalism, law, medicine, and public policy.

Why Study Philosophy Here?

Philosophy students best-trained in the ability to understand and evaluate reasoning. Instead, the discipline provided by philosophical training prepares students for a variety of professional and scholarly fields where independent judgment, conceptual dexterity, and intellectual acumen are required. The skills of philosophy are universal skills, basic to professional expertise in fields such as law, business, journalism, and education. This accounts for why philosophy majors are among the most sought-after of all university graduates.

What Our Students Are Saying

“The pre-med track in philosophy is a great way to develop a critical mind and learn how to apply it to problems in medicine. A solid base in problem solving, critical thinking and rhetoric prepared me fordiagnosing patients and writing proposals and procedures. I am able to take in and process a lot of data to find a diagnosis, increase efficiency, and prevent errors.”

Alex Lindsay, '13, Philosophy and Biology double major
Philosophy Community

Philosophy Club

The members of Philosophy Club believe in the importance of wisdom. We believe in challenging assumptions and leaving nothing unquestioned: ignorance may be blissful, but it is not fulfilling.  We desire to recognize our own ignorance and to do everything we can to overcome it. Realizing that recognizing one's own ignorance can be difficult for many reasons, we gather together to help each other overcome it and take the necessary steps to being that much wiser.

Joe Pitts, the philosophy department's acting chair, teaches an aesthetics philosophy course. An endowment will be created to support graduate students in the department of philosophy and will be named after Pitts following his retirement. students, classroom

Careers and Further Study

Kristin Sorenson

What Do I Do with a Major in Philosophy?

Our students earn real-world experience that helps them land a job when they graduate. The study of philosophy will sharpen your research and critical thinking skills, preparing you for careers like these:

  • Executive Trainer
  • Business Analyst
  • Attorney
  • Finance Director
  • Family Therapist
  • Software Developer
  • Research Assistant
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Paralegal
  • Non-profit Coordinator
  • Journalist
  • Consultant
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Political Analyst
  • Entrepreneur
Interested in learning philosophies of other cultures, and gather insight of the mysteries of human life?

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