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Elementary Education Major

What is a Major in Elementary Education?

The elementary education major at Virginia Tech prepares for initial licensure in Virginia and leads elementary teachers to be successful classroom teachers. You will learn to develop instruction that welcomes students’ cultural contexts and lived experiences as they engage academically. You will examine a variety of instructional approaches across content areas and understand how to use assessment data to guide your instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students. You'll also learn how to plan lessons that provide for differentiation, accommodation, and modification to meet those needs.

Why Study Elementary Education at Virginia Tech?

The major strives to identify and recruit elementary teacher candidates, especially from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Students complete a variety of field experiences and other simulations that allow them to develop and practice their teaching skills with a focus on research-based practices that advance student learning and equity. Our teacher candidates enjoy multiple placements in local school districts with diverse student populations. We encourage engagement in ongoing inquiry into teaching and learning, and provide you with opportunities to practice in the examination of classroom management and design.

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Careers and Further Study

What can you do with a major in Elementary Education?

Jobs Held by Our Graduates

  • Elementary Teacher
  • Education Consultant
  • Private Tutor
  • Online Educator
  • Academic Advisor
  • Teacher Educators

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Virginia Tech discloses whether its educational programs leading to careers that require licensure meet educational requirements for professional licensure in each state, view the determinations for each state here.

Beyond the Classroom

Experiential Learning

Get Experience 

Our program offers in-classroom opportunities that prepare preservice teachers for employment immediately after graduation. Students complete student teaching in local classrooms, additional optional field study, and volunteer in the community. Preservice teachers participate in field trips to prepare for engaging with community resources for additional instructional opportunities. 

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Our faculty work with you to advise you on pedagogy, research, and the breadth of opportunities that education opens for you. You can design your own research project, working closely with a faculty advisor to plan a course of action, or you can participate in a collaborative project where you help a faculty member with their research. 



Bachelor of Science in Education Degree

Elementary Education Major Requirements

  • Field work and practicum courses
  • Educational Psychology for PK-12 Teachers
  • Educating Exceptional Learners
  • Elementary Teaching Methods

Minor and Elective Hours

Our program gives you the opportunity to build knowledge in another area by pursuing a minor, double major, or cognate.

120 hrs
B.S. Education

42 hrs
General Education

64 hrs
Major Requirements

14 hrs


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