Join more than 120 million German speakers as you study the most widely spoken language in the European Union and the second most used language in the sciences worldwide    

Beyond the Classroom

Study Abroad

Opportunities Abroad

Living, working, and conducting research in a German-speaking country are great ways for students to familiarize themselves with the people, the language, and the customs of the land.

You are encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities for study, internships, and research available in Austria, Germany, and the German-speaking part of Switzerland.






Jamie Bishop Scholarship

Created to honor the memory of Professor Christopher James "Jamie" Bishop. As a German instructor, he held "the conviction that learning a foreign langugage and culture is not just a joy, but is fundamental to our civilization." The Jamie Bishop Scholarship fund provides support for students majoring or minoring in German and planning on studying, interning, or conducting research in a German-speaking country. Apply by April 1 or December 1. If you have questions, contact Dr. Esther Bauer (


For more information or to add this minor to your Virginia Tech course of study, contact:

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