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Japanese Studies Minor

Learning Japanese provides students with many scholastic and professional opportunities due to its designation as a critical language.

Total Credit Hours: 18 

Intermediate Japanese Courses (6 Hours)

Advanced Japanese Courses (6 Hours)

Japanese Electives (6 Hours)

What You'll Study

Japan is well known for its love of precision, design, and mastery. Japanese language and culture have been developing for thousands of years, offering a full and rich history, including books, stories, poetry, and arts including cuisine, calligraphy, painting, and performance. Japanese culture is so prevalent that it affects global culture, especially in popular culture, technology, and fashion. Proficiency in the Japanese language connects you with this rich and diverse culture. Studying Japanese can also introduce you to the variety of Asian languages that are commonly used and become a gateway to the wider cultures there.

Having a knowledge of Japanese makes you more marketable in fields including journalism, translation, engineering, technology, international law, foreign service, teaching and research, international business and banking, and international development.

At Virginia Tech, you will study the Japanese language, composition, literature, and culture. Courses include Arts of China and Japan and Government and Politics of Japan.


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Beyond the Classroom

What's the Best Way to Practice Japanese?

Talk with native speakers. Since Japanese is a highly sought-after critical language, there are increasing opportunities for funding that would allow you to study the language in an immersive environment in Japan.


Strong Community 

A number of Japanese Studies student clubs provide our students with an array of opportunities for friendship and linguistic and cultural immersion. They organize a variety of educational and fun cultural events, including Japanese conversation tables, lectures, films, and artistic performances.  


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If you have questions about pursuing a Japanese studies minor, please contact:

Dr. Jeremy Sather
341 Major Williams Hall
220 Stanger St, Blacksburg, VA 24061