Walk-In Wednesdays — in which undergraduates can discuss opportunities for undertaking an internship, embarking on research, or studying abroad — are now virtual. Students can participate in one-on-one Zoom “drop-in” sessions with an advisor.  

If you enter into the Zoom Meeting when another student is present, you will be sent to a virtual “waiting room.” If you are placed in the waiting room, simply keep your computer open and on with audio enabled so that you will hear or see when you have been accepted into the meeting space. At the end of your drop-in, you will be removed from the meeting so the next student can be added to the meeting from the waiting room.

Drop-in advising is intended for quick questions, so please plan for your advising session to last no longer than 10 minutes, as other students will be in the “waiting room.” If you believe  your topic requires more than 10-minute drop-in (such as a résumé review) or Wednesdays don’t work for you, you can schedule an appointment with Monica Kimbrell, assistant dean (mkimbrel@vt.edu), or Meghan Jester, assistant director (meghan09@vt.edu).

To join a Walk-In Wednesday, select one of the following links: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/92615136116 or https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/91479452812.