10 Tips to Green Your Home Office 

1. Don’t use plastic water bottles. Instead, drink from the tap. 

2. Change out lightbulbs in your home office to LEDs. 

3. Set up containers in your office to make recycling easier and more convenient. 

4. Use natural lighting instead of artificial when possible. 

5. Use an ecological footprint calculator to see the impact of your actions on the planet. Here are a few recommendations:

6. Set your computer to go to power-saving sleep mode if unused for 10 minutes. 

7. Turn off your printer when not in use. 

8. Layer up or use blankets instead of turning up the heat. 

9. Try to go paper-free. Take notes on your computer and don’t print out unnecessary documents. If you do use paper, recycle it when you’re done. 

10. If you’re snacking throughout the day, try to eat things that are purchased locally or that use minimal packaging. 

Submitted by LaTawnya Burleson, Green Office Certification Program representative for the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences