The following College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences students accepted the invitation to become members of Phi Beta Kappa during the 2020–2021 academic year: Brandon AdamsInternational RelationsAmber AlamNational Security and Foreign Affairs; Grace BaggettEnglish and Professional and Technical WritingWilliam BarlowPolitical ScienceHistory, and Religion and CultureGillian Barth, History and English; Grace Barth, History and Political Science; Kendyl Biondich, English and Psychology; Brian Bogert, Political Science and Industrial and Systems Engineering; Noel Boyle, English; Michael Byers, Jr., Political Science; Lisa CaromeInternational Studies and SpanishEmma Casey, Political Science; Oliver Clendenon, History; Eliza Cohen, National Security and Foreign Affairs and Spanish; Eve ColemanCriminology and Sociology; Sabrina Cordelli, International Studies and Spanish; James Coyne, II, National Security and Foreign Affairs; Alyssa David, Political Science; Thomas DempseyPhilosophyand Philosophy, Politics, and EconomicsAnne Doyle, English and Professional and Technical Writing; John Dyson, Criminology and Sociology; Nicole Ferrer, National Security and Foreign Affairs; Rachel Fincher, Political Science and Public RelationsJohn Furth, English and Creative Writing; Michelle Garcia, English and Communication Science and Social InquiryEmma Gill, Spanish and International Studies; Lauren Gramp, Political Science; Andrew Grant, History; Eva GrumbineInternational Public Policy and Human DevelopmentKristina GulczewskiFrench and Creative Writing; Halcyeon Guy, International Relations and Criminology; Taylor Hampton, International Public Policy; Samantha Hasty, International Relations; Katherine Hibner, English, Professional and Technical Writing, and Creative Writing; Jordan Hostetter, French and National Security and Foreign Affairs; James JaffeeCinemaAlyssa Jorgensen, English and Professional and Technical Writing; Delaney Keller, Criminology and Psychology; Mason Keyser, Spanish; Kaelyn Knott, International Studies; Ashley Kohl, Criminology, Sociology, and Psychology; Abigail Krueger, International Relations and Spanish; Caitlin Lederer, Political Science; Kathleen Lovain, Political Science;Karson Lyon, History and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Andrew Maloney, National Security and Foreign Affairs; Luca Mastromano, Sociology; Clarissa McGill, National Security and Foreign Affairs; Luna Moore, Sociology and Criminology; Madalyn Moore, Political Science; Bryce Nolan, History; Carey Oakes, International Relations; Grace Robinson, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and Economics; Bridgett Rorrer, Sociology; Molly SaylesClassical Studies and Civil Engineering; Dawn Schell, Sociology; Martha Schmidt, Political Science; Emily Schulz, National Security and Foreign Affairs and History; Erin Slezak, Professional and Technical Writing and Creative Writing; Natalie Smith, Creative Writing; Nora Jade Smith, Political Science; Grace Stevens, International Relations and Spanish; Robert Talbott, III, Criminology and Sociology; Megan Tylenda, Philosophy and Sociology; Anna Ustun, Sociology and Psychology; Daniela Vandivier, Political Science and Human Development; Kathleen Walker, Creative Writing and English; Emily Warwick, International Relations and Public and Urban Affairs; Catherine Watling, International Relations and Spanish; Matthew Weiske, Religion and Culture; Hampton Wimbish, Spanish and International Studies; Jason Woolfrey, International Studies; and Mazie Wright, Criminology and Sociology.