The following college faculty members were recipients of a Virginia Tech Center for Humanities Faculty Summer Stipend for 2021: Catalina Andrango-WalkerModern and Classical Languages and Literatures, “Catholic Tradition in the Incan Tongue in the Poetry of Juan Pérez Bocanegra (1598–1645)”; Andrea BaldwinSociology, “Disrupting Oppressive Images of the Body through the Arts and Technology: Re-envisioning the Posture Portraits”; Candace Buckner Ducharme, Religion and Culture, “Double-Blindness: Race, Disability, and Conversion in the Life of Aaron”; Mauro CaraccioliPolitical Science and ASPECT  Core Faculty, “Savage Pasts, Baroque Futures: Racial Hierarchy and the Political Theology of Spanish Empire”; Silas CassinelliEnglish, “Exceptional Subjects: Cold War Family Formations and Queer Kinships in Korean Diasporic Narratives”; Carmen Giménez Smith, English, “Why the Semicolon: A Book on Revision”; Gil HerschPhilosophy, “Time-Indexing Scarcity”; Melanie KiechleHistory, “Desensitizing Health”;Christine LabuskiScience, Technology, and Society, “Gynecological Literacy: Curating Knowledge Production in an Age of Alternative Facts”; Caitlin MartinkusPerforming Arts, “Form-Functional Displacement in Schubert’s Sonata Forms”; and Dina Smith-GlavianaApparel, Housing, and Resource Management, “Beta-Testing Costume Core to Standardize Terminology Used in Historic Costume Digital Libraries.”