The following students in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences were awarded scholarships for the 2020–2021 academic year.

Receiving the Tom Barton Family Scholarship were fashion merchandising and design students Rhyan Moran-Pedersen and Megan Piston, and Benson ZhengEnglish

De’Vonte TinsleyRussian and history, received a scholarship from the Dean Robert Bates Honorary Endowment.

A Centracchio–DaDamio Scholarship was awarded to Marnie Adelkopfhuman development

Destiny Monegrointernational relations and French, was the recipient of the Megan E. Christenson Memorial Scholarship. 

The recipient of the CLAHS Dean’s Roundtable Scholarship was Sarah Van Hooknational security and foreign affairs

The Susan Pascoe Farrell Scholarship was awarded to Dean McDonough, human development.

Fashion merchandising and design majors Emmy Alvis and Lily Spear received the Martha Price Hancock Scholarship.

The Laura Jane Harper Scholarship was awarded to Kathryn Ratliff, human development.

A Hokie Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Courtland Blake, international relations and Arabic, and Olivia Squirewell, human development. 

James Fleming, national security and foreign affairs and Arabic, and Fatima Rana, human development, were recognized with a Hallie L. Hughes Memorial Scholarship. 

Maggie-Jo Zeeman, fashion merchandising and design, was awarded the Hulick Scholarship for Leadership, Friendship, and Service. 

Hailey Boydchildhood pre-education, was the recipient of the John and Jane Milne Academic Scholarship.

The following students received the Moody, Pratt, Minor Scholarship: Anna ArrittcriminologyGabby Duffy, international relations; Diamond Gilliam, history; Diana Harleypolitical science and philosophyJulia Meyerinternational studies; Rhyan Moran-Pedersen, fashion merchandising and design; Lesly Molualisi, criminology; Tamana Murshidi, political science; Jordan Payne, English; Lula Phicadu, international relations; Marc Ramirez, international studies; and Erin Upton, human development.

A Nelson–Lehmann–Gold–VanSant Family Scholarship was awarded to Dean McDonough, human development.

Receiving a National Security Scholarship were: Amber Alam, national security and foreign affairs; James Fleming, national security and foreign affairs and Arabic; and Kennedy Schultz, national security and foreign affairs.

A Professor Joseph Pitt Scholarship was awarded to: Garrison Holt, political science; Katelin Kerns, political science and human development; and De’Vonte Tinsley, Russian and history.

Recognized with the John Rathbone Scholarship were: Alexis Jones, history and SpanishJessica Mardiancreative writing and multimedia journalism; and Amanda Riddle, English.

The Mary Karen Read Memorial Scholarship recipients were: Drew Douglasconsumer studies, and human development majors Fatima Rana and Erin Upton

Receiving a Robichaud Family Scholarship were: Christine Berry, human development and psychology; Shannon Clarketheatre arts and management; Caitlyn Greenhumanities for public serviceDiana Harley, political science and philosophy; Ma’Shayla Hearns, criminology; Cristhian Iriarte-Blanco, criminology; Aylse Johnsonpublic relationsShea Killoran-Drozek, fashion merchandising and design; Brandon Stokes, political science and philosophy, politics, and economics; and Hanna Jane Upson, political science. 

The Ora Goodwin Roop Scholarship went to Maggie-Jo Zeeman, fashion merchandising and design.

The Senior Challenge Scholarship was awarded to Diana Harley, political science and philosophy. 

Alexandra Copeland, human development; Corynne Emmerson, human development; and Hannah Richards, public relations, were recipients of a Margaret Groseclose Skelton Scholarship. 

Erin Slezak, creative writing and professional and technical writing, was awarded the Maryellen Spencer Scholarship.

The Staff Association Scholarship was awarded to Betsabeth Oropeza, international relations and French. 

Emily Hoover, human development, and Shane Lee, political science and philosophy, politics, and economics, received a Margaret Rawlinson Svoboda Scholarship.

The following students received a Margaret R. Svoboda 4-H/Human Resources Scholarship: Kate Hammond, multimedia journalism; Tyler Harris, multimedia journalism and environmental conservation and society; Dean McDonough, human development; and Hanna Jane Upson, political science. 

Chloe Crawfordresidential environments and design, and Lily Spear, fashion merchandising and design, were recognized with a Mildred Tate Scholarship.

The Mildred Crawford Weidemann Scholarship was awarded to Christine Berry, human development and psychology. Kourtney Phillipsinternational public policy and national security and foreign affairs, was the recipient of the Mildred E. Young Scholarship.