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Sweta Baniya

Sweta Baniya, Assistant Professor

Sweta Baniya, Assistant Professor
Sweta Baniya, Assistant Professor

Department of English
Shanks Hall 
180 Turner Street, NW 
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231- |

Sweta Baniya is an assistant professor of rhetoric, professional and technical writing at Virginia Tech. She specializes on transnational disaster studies, risk/crisis communication, non-western rhetorical traditions, and community-engagement. Her research centers around the ever evolving, changing, and challenging global issue of natural and man-made disasters, such as earthquakes or climate change. In doing so, her research draws together Non-western and Western paradigms with the goal of demonstrating how such combinations produce not only new insights but also important public interventions. Her applied research draws these non-western paradigms into dialogue with contemporary rhetorical framings of natural and man-made disasters for the purpose of supporting local and global communities faced with responding to such events. Her works have appeared on Encultration, Journal of Business & Technical Communication, Journal of Technological Studies. She is also founding member of nextGEN, an international graduate student listserv. 

  • Professional and Technical Writing
  • Non-Western Rhetorics 
  • Cultural and Digital Rhetoric 
  • Transnational Disaster Rhetorics and Risk/Crisis Communication 
  • Community and Civic Engagement 
  • PhD in English (Rhetoric and Composition), Purdue University, Lafayette, IN,
  • Master of Philosophy in English, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal 
  • Master of Arts in English, Pokhara University, Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Editorial Board Member, Studies in Rhetoric and Writing
  • Editorial Board Member, Young Scholars in Writing
  • Advisor, Code for Nepal
  • Digital Media and Outreach Director, Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric 
  • Alternative Interactions Planning Committee, Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric 
  • Stage I Reviewer Conference on College Composition and Communication 2021
  • Member, nextGEN Special Committee for CCCC
  • Member, CCCC Wikipedia Initiative Committee
  • Member, Coalition for Community Writing’s Engaged Graduate Student Initiative
  • Founding Member, nextGEN 
  • 2020 Conference on College Composition and Communication Chairs’ Memorial Scholarship 
  • 2019 Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication and Bedford St. Martin’s Diversity Scholarship Award 
  • 2019 Computers and Writing Conference Kairos Service Award for Graduate Students and Adjuncts


Journal Articles

Baniya, S., & Potts, L. (2021). Valuing expertise during the Pandemic. Journal of Business & Technical Communication Special Section: Business and Technical Communication and COVID-19Forthcoming. Revised and Resubmitted,

Baniya, S. (2020). Managing Environmental Risks in the era of Climate Change: Rhetorical Agency and Ecological Literacies of Women During the Nepal Earthquake. Enculturation Special Issue: Rhetorics and Literacies of Climate Change. Forthcoming. Summer 2020

Baniya, S[1]., Chesley, A., Mentzer, N., Bartholomew, S., Moon, C., & Sherman, D. (2019). Using Adaptive Comparative Judgment in Writing Assessment: An Investigation of Reliability Among Interdisciplinary Evaluators. Journal of Technological Studies, 45 (2), 24-45. 

Baniya S., & Weech, S. (2019). Data and Experience Design: Negotiating Community-Oriented Digital Research with Service-Learning. Purdue Journal of Service-Learning and International Engagement, 6,11–16.

Baniya, S; Diab, K; Hendrickson, B; Grayson, M.L; Holly, H; Kumari, A; Larson, K; Messina, C.M; Paul, G; Ruiz, I. (2019) “Where we Are: Dialogue and Disciplinary Space.” Composition Studies47 (2): 203–210.

Kumari, A, Baniya, S., & Larson, K. (2020).  The Necessity of Genre Disruption in Organizing an Advocacy Space for and by Graduate Students. Xchanges15 (1), 1-8.

Baniya, S., Kumari, A, Larson, K., Johnson, GP., Doan, S., Schwarz, VM., (2021). Building an International Coalitional Listserv for and by Graduate Students: The Critical Digital Literacies of nextGEN. Computers and CompositionSpecial Issue. Forthcoming, Summer 2021.  

Parupudi, T., Sherman, D., Mentzer, N., Chesley, A., Baniya, S., & Laux, D. (2020) Oral Communication in an Integrated STEM and Humanities First-Year Experience. Journal of Technology EducationForthcoming.

[1] Primary Author

Book Chapters

Baniya, S. (2020). Rhetorical Comparison of Hindu God Krishna and Plato: An Exploration of Non-Western Hindu Rhetoric. In K. Lloyd. (Eds.), The Routledge Companion of Comparative and World Rhetorics, pp. 164-172Routledge.

Funding Organization: Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication. Research Grant with Dr. Jessica Edwards, Dr. Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Dr. Josephine Walwema. ($2000) for the project: “Service Learning in Technical and Professional Communication through Social Justice and Intercultural Frameworks: A Multisite Study” ($2000)

  • 3104: Professional Writing
  • 3814: Creating User Documentation with Service Learning 

Currently, my class 3814: Creating User Documentation is partnering with Code for Nepal to create user documents to increase digital literacy in Nepal. 

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