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Sweta Baniya

Sweta Baniya, Assistant Professor

Sweta Baniya, Assistant Professor
Sweta Baniya, Assistant Professor

Department of English
Shanks Hall 
180 Turner Street, NW 
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231- |

Sweta Baniya is an assistant professor of rhetoric, professional and technical writing at Virginia Tech. She specializes on transnational disaster studies, risk/crisis communication, non-Western rhetorical traditions, and community engagement. 

Her research centers around the ever evolving and challenging global issue of natural and manmade disasters, such as earthquakes or climate change. In doing so, her research draws together non-Western and Western paradigms with the goal of demonstrating how such combinations produce not only new insights but also important public interventions. Her applied research draws these non-Western paradigms into dialogue with contemporary rhetorical framings of natural and manmade disasters for the purpose of supporting local and global communities faced with responding to such events.

Her works have appeared on Encultration, Journal of Business & Technical Communication, Journal of Technological Studies. She is also founding member of nextGEN, an international graduate student listserv. 

  • Professional and Technical Writing
  • Non-Western Rhetorics 
  • Cultural and Digital Rhetoric 
  • Transnational Disaster Rhetorics and Risk/Crisis Communication 
  • Community and Civic Engagement 
  • PhD in English (Rhetoric and Composition), Purdue University, Lafayette, IN,
  • Master of Philosophy in English, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal 
  • Master of Arts in English, Pokhara University, Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Editorial Board Member, Studies in Rhetoric and Writing
  • Editorial Board Member, Young Scholars in Writing
  • Advisor, Code for Nepal
  • Digital Media and Outreach Director, Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric 
  • Alternative Interactions Planning Committee, Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric 
  • Stage I Reviewer Conference on College Composition and Communication 2021
  • Member, nextGEN Special Committee for CCCC
  • Member, CCCC Wikipedia Initiative Committee
  • Member, Coalition for Community Writing’s Engaged Graduate Student Initiative
  • Founding Member, nextGEN 
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication Chairs’ Memorial Scholarship, 2020
  • Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication and Bedford St. Martin’s Diversity Scholarship Award, 2019
  • Computers and Writing Conference Kairos Service Award for Graduate Students and Adjuncts, 2019


Journal Articles

Baniya, S., & Potts, L. (2021). Valuing expertise during the Pandemic. Journal of Business & Technical Communication Special Section: Business and Technical Communication and COVID-19Forthcoming. Revised and Resubmitted,

Baniya, S. (2020). Managing Environmental Risks in the era of Climate Change: Rhetorical Agency and Ecological Literacies of Women During the Nepal Earthquake. Enculturation Special Issue: Rhetorics and Literacies of Climate Change. Forthcoming. Summer 2020

Baniya, S[1]., Chesley, A., Mentzer, N., Bartholomew, S., Moon, C., & Sherman, D. (2019). Using Adaptive Comparative Judgment in Writing Assessment: An Investigation of Reliability Among Interdisciplinary Evaluators. Journal of Technological Studies, 45 (2), 24-45. 

Baniya S., & Weech, S. (2019). Data and Experience Design: Negotiating Community-Oriented Digital Research with Service-Learning. Purdue Journal of Service-Learning and International Engagement, 6,11–16.

Baniya, S; Diab, K; Hendrickson, B; Grayson, M.L; Holly, H; Kumari, A; Larson, K; Messina, C.M; Paul, G; Ruiz, I. (2019) “Where we Are: Dialogue and Disciplinary Space.” Composition Studies47 (2): 203–210.

Kumari, A, Baniya, S., & Larson, K. (2020).  The Necessity of Genre Disruption in Organizing an Advocacy Space for and by Graduate Students. Xchanges15 (1), 1-8.

Baniya, S., Kumari, A, Larson, K., Johnson, GP., Doan, S., Schwarz, VM., (2021). Building an International Coalitional Listserv for and by Graduate Students: The Critical Digital Literacies of nextGEN. Computers and CompositionSpecial Issue. Forthcoming, Summer 2021.  

Parupudi, T., Sherman, D., Mentzer, N., Chesley, A., Baniya, S., & Laux, D. (2020) Oral Communication in an Integrated STEM and Humanities First-Year Experience. Journal of Technology EducationForthcoming.

[1] Primary Author

Book Chapters

Baniya, S. (2020). Rhetorical Comparison of Hindu God Krishna and Plato: An Exploration of Non-Western Hindu Rhetoric. In K. Lloyd. (Eds.), The Routledge Companion of Comparative and World Rhetorics, pp. 164-172Routledge.

Funding Organization: Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication. Research Grant with Dr. Jessica Edwards, Dr. Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Dr. Josephine Walwema. ($2,000) for the project: “Service Learning in Technical and Professional Communication through Social Justice and Intercultural Frameworks: A Multisite Study” ($2,000)

  • 3104: Professional Writing
  • 3814: Creating User Documentation with Service Learning 

Currently, her class 3814: Creating User Documentation is partnering with Code for Nepal to create user documents to increase digital literacy in Nepal. 

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