Our internship program allows you to apply the knowledge and skills you are learning to practical workplace experience. 

Internships offer you the opportunity to write, research, edit, and make professional connections. You can earn academic credit for up to two internships completed in different semesters. When you are thinking about applying for an intern position, keep in mind two main criteria: 

  • The internship should involve significant time writing in a professional setting
  • You should be supervised by someone on-site who can teach you relevant professional skills and is willing to provide a progress report and final evaluation

If you need more information or if you have questions about the internship process, please feel free to contact Carlos Evia
, our internship coordinator.

We offer a wide selection of internships for our students. If the pre-education option interests you, there are opportunities to work with local schools.  If you are interested in professional writing or editing there are options available on-campus including the Virginia Tech Magazine and University Relations. If you prefer an off-campus placement, some of the options include Pocahontas Press and The Southwest Times.  If you are engaged in the pre-law option, you may consider an internship with the Montgomery County Commonwealth Attorney's Office. The list of internships changes from semester to semester, but several sample locations are included. For more information about any internship on the list, contact Carlos Evia


Professional Networking

English Career Connections

This annual careers and networking event is hosted by the department's Distinguished Alumni Board. Meet the members and learn how their background in English has helped them on their journeys to successful careers in law, finance, education, IT, aeronautics, conservation, and more. The schedule includes practice interviews, personalized resume reviews, and other career search-related activities.

English Career Connections

"My English education at Virginia Tech is without a doubt the reason I am so happy in my current career and feel confident in every move I've made since college."

- Caitlin McHale, '11, Global Treasury Associate, Mars, Inc.

Career Services at Virginia Tech offers a variety of services including career exploration, job searching, resume analysis, interview training, and many more.

  • More information is available at the Career Services homepage.
  • More information about the office's advising services is available here.
  • A calendar of the office's events is available here.

Other career-related resources include:

  • Career Exploration Tools: Explains the process of selecting and exploring a career.
  • Career Fairs: Lists the current career fairs on campus and in the region.
  • Hokie Nation Network: Enables Virginia Tech students and alumni to network for career planning and job search assistance.