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Composition Program/First-year Writing

The first-year writing curriculum prepares you for dynamic environments. We expose you to a range of written, spoken, and visual forms of communication, both as audience and as author. Our courses lay the foundation for you to be a critical thinker, an active learner, and an effective communicator. 

As part of the university's Curriculum for Liberal Education, first-year writing courses are taken by all Virginia Tech students. We want you to thrive in academic and professional environments, where you will engage with a variety of texts, including reading, analyzing, and writing. Our classes reflect the variety of modern writing and communication to prepare you for your work as a student, intern, and future professional.


Derek N. Mueller
Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Writing
Director of Composition

Julie Mengert
Senior Instructor 
Assistant Director of Composition

Katie Beth Brooks
GTA Assistant to the Director of Composition

Steve Oakey
Senior Instructor
Director of GTA Education

Jennifer Mooney
Senior Instructor
Assistant Department Chair