Hanna (Netta) Baker

Hanna (Netta) Baker, Instructor

Hanna (Netta) Baker, Instructor
Hanna (Netta) Baker, Instructor

Department of English 
414 Shanks Hall 
181 Turner St. NW
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-4729 | nettab@vt.edu

Current Research: study of program evaluation and assessment strategies among first-year writing programs at top tier universities; also researching representations of subversive female sexual behavior through the physiology of male sexual response depicted in the novels of Kresley Cole. 

  • Composition Pedagogy & Practice
  • First-Year Writing Curriculum Development
  • Writing Assessment Theory & Practice   
  • Teacher Development  
  • Sexuality in Popular Romance 
  • M.A. Kansas State University
  • B.A. Kansas State University 
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Mentor
  • Rhetoric Society of America
  • International Society for the Study of Popular Romance
  • Romance Writers of America 


Writing at Virginia Tech. 2016-2017 pending. Custom Text. 

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