The following CLAHS students presented papers at the Virginia Conference on Race, which took place at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, on April 7–8. They were:

  • Human Development major Candy Beers and doctoral student Shawnice Johnson, “Disparities of Emotional Labor in Critical Race Parenting”
  • History master’s student Miranda Christy, “One of Those Pioneers of Our Race: Black Success, Reform, and Historical Memory”
  • English majors Madeline Eberhardt and Ursilia Beckles, “‘This City Will Be Chocolate at the End of the Day’: Racial Identity, Colorism, and Generational Change in the New Orleans Black and Creole Communities”
  • Curriculum and Instruction doctoral student Sara Evers, “The Role of Historical Empathy in Interpreting the Past”
  • ASPECT doctoral student Jordan Fallon, “‘Me and Idi Amin’: Nova Scotian Realism and Archipelagic Formation”
  • Sociology master’s student Thomas Miller, “Counterpublic Theory and Its Application to Black Digital Collectives”
  • Higher Education doctoral student Kendall Pete, “A Black Sense of Place: Deep Mapping the Career Journeys of Black Mid-level Student Affairs Administrators”
  • ASPECT doctoral student Sarah Plummer, “Bread and Puppet Theater’s Depiction of Race in Anti-War Performances”
  • Sociology doctoral student Phillip Ray, “Toward Supportive Political Action: An Autoethnographic Approach to Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism”
  • Communication master’s student Megan Snyder, “Popular Culture, Portrayals, and Patterns: An Analysis of Asian American Representation in Popular Cultural Media Texts”
  • Sociology doctoral student Jariah Strozier, “A Black Feminist’s Critique of the Crooked Room of Medicine (CRoM), Innovation of Thick Studies and the Gender, Race, Weight Matrix”
  • History master’s student Alfonso Zavala, “The ‘Clinton Massacre’ and Its Significance in the Mississippi Plan of 1875”

Christy and Zavala were recognized with a Best Graduate Paper Prize for their papers.