The following CLAHS students participated in the 2022 Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate and Graduate Conference with the theme “Politics, Performance, and Pedagogy.”

Presenting papers were:

  • Tamar Ballard, Sociology master’s student, “Fully Bringin’ Ourselves to It: Unlearning Polished Discourse”
  • Candy Beers, Human Development doctoral student, “Transgressing Appalachian Culture: A Personal Narrative”
  • Casey Anne Brimmer, ASPECT doctoral student, “The Complex Liminality of Gender Expression: A Personal Journey Inspired by SD Holman’s ‘Butch: Not Like the Other Girls’”
  • Marie-lys Chambraud, ASPECT doctoral student, “Understanding Discrimination through Literature”
  • Elisa De Jonge, Sociology, “Not Like Other Girls”
  • A. Deomano, Creative Writing, “Asian Americans through Transgender Theories”
  • Ria Deshmukh, Criminology and Sociology, “Squid Game and Capitalism: How the Economic Philosophy Reinforces Social Inequalities”
  • Lane Early, Political Science, “Muslim Women and Prostitution: Consensual Participation Within the Industry?”
  • Amanda Kraemer, English, Professional and Technical Writing, and Creative Writing, “Mumbling and Gender Performance”
  • Alexander Moore, Curriculum and Instruction doctoral student, “HIV as a Banner of Sexual Adventurousness and Queer Pride”
  • Cammy O’Keefe, Psychology and Sociology, “Beyond the Body:  Feminist Suggestions for Getting Over Fat”
  • Anne Patrick, Sociology doctoral student, “Policing Masculinity in Online Spaces”
  • Gabrielle Ann Peterson, Political Science master’s student, “Breaking Generational Identities: Giving Humanity Back to Women” and “Relegated to the Fringes: The Prevalence of Women Leaders in Minor Parties in Post-2000 Sub-Saharan Africa”
  • Leah Ramnath, ASPECT doctoral student, “Death In Life: The Queer Resurrection of Cynical Subjects”
  • Julie Reid, Psychology and Sociology, “Domestic Violence and COVID-19: Since the Onset of COVID”
  • Abigail Reynolds, Higher Education and Student Affairs master’s student, “An Ode to Being Daddy’s Little Girl”
  • Leslie Robertson Foncette, Sociology doctoral student, “Speaking Truth to Power, The Technologies of Mas as an Affect of Resistance”
  • Molly Ryan, English master’s student, “‘Queering’ Invitational Rhetoric: Possibilities for the Composition Classroom”
  • Sophia Silis, Psychology and Sociology, “Notions of Gender Presentation in Reality Television”

Deshmukh and O’Keefe were the winners of the Barbara Ellen Smith Student Essay Prizes for undergraduate students and Robertson Foncette and Ryan for graduate students. The conference took April 22 in the Graduate Life Center.