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Higher Education and Student Affairs Program

Higher Education and Student Affairs (HED)

A program for aspiring educators and leaders in college and university settings

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Designed for Impact

Our Higher Education and Student Affairs (HED) Program focuses on preparing leaders for postsecondary education who use and produce high-impact research as part of their practice and who are committed to service in both professional and personal contexts. Our graduates are employed as student affairs and higher education professionals, faculty members, and administrative leaders in colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and internationally. Our graduates are experts in residence life, student activities, student success, academic advising, new student orientation, leadership development, campus cultural centers and multicultural affairs, career services, academic affairs, outreach and engagement, advancement, and equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We offer small cohorts and high student/professor interaction, opportunities for student scholarship and research, and a commitment to diversity and equity.

Our M.A.Ed. program prepares graduates for the field, supported by the capstone ePortfolio experience, in which students synthesize and document their knowledge, skills, and abilities, impresses employers and helps students prepare for the job search.

Our Ph.D. program is designed for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for advanced positions in higher education research, policy, and advanced practice in higher education.

Reimagining the future begins with practices that put educational excellence, innovation, and equity at the fore. At the Virginia Tech School of Education, you will develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to transform teaching and learning, conduct groundbreaking research, and engage with learning communities around the globe. 

As a global catalyst for individual transformation, we’re pushing the boundaries of knowledge and practice to reimagine a more equitable and just world.

Program Deadlines & Dates

M.A.Ed.  Applicants

Starting Semester:



December 31, prior year

Ph.D. Applicants

Starting Semester:



December 31, prior year


David Alexander leans causally on a balustrade
Sharrika Adams, Assistant Professor of Practice, Master's Program Leader
Jodie L. Brinkmann, Assistant Professor of Practice and the Program Leader, smiles broadly at the camera. She wears a formal black dress with a pearl necklace
Chase Catalano, Assistant Professor and Program Leader, Ph.D. program
Dr. Cash poses formally with a beautiful smile, wearing a green blouse, a pearl necklace. Her brown hair is short and nicely styled
Tonisha Lane, Assistant Professor and program leader for the Graduate Certificate Program in Higher Education Administration
dr. pratt-clarke poses solemnly for the camera. her braided black and silver hair frames her face; she wears a red top
Menah Pratt, Professor
Dr. Price smiles for the camera, relaxed and happy, wearing a blue plaid shirt which is open over a t shirt. He is poised and confident
Claire K. Robbins, Associate Professor and Faculty Fellow for Student Engagement in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Science


Our Higher Education Program is designed to meet the standards for master's level preparation in student affairs of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS).