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Educational Research and Evaluation

Educational Research and Evaluation (Graduate Certificate)

 Educational Research and Evaluation (Ph.D.)

Note: the Ph.D. program is no longer accepting new students. Students already in this program are not affected by this change.

The Educational Research and Evaluation program at Virginia Tech provides students with doctoral-level preparation in the areas of evaluation/assessment, qualitative methods, and quantitative methods (i.e., applied statistics and measurement), as they are applied in education, the behavioral sciences, and the social sciences in general. Graduates of the program are prepared for academic positions as research methodologists, corporate positions in research and testing agencies, or government and nonprofit positions as researchers, evaluators, or administrators in research programs in education and the social sciences in general.

The degree program in Educational Research and Evaluation doctoral program is available on the Blacksburg campus, but the introductory course sequence may be taken at the Northern Virginia campus. Two 5000-level EDRE courses are offered on-line.



Central to the mission of the Educational Research and Evaluation (EDRE) program is a commitment to achieving excellence in teaching, research, and service to various communities. The EDRE program emphasizes high-quality teaching and learning and is aimed at preparing students to achieve success in their professional lives and to be active contributors to the academic community. The program is also committed to fostering the highest quality research and scholarly practice in its faculty and students. It also strives to provide research expertise and other forms of service that effectively meet the needs of the School of Education, other parts of the university community, and the broader community. In each facet of its mission, the EDRE program embraces respect for, and a commitment to, diversity in its various forms.


Educational Research and Evaluation Lab

The EDRE Research and Consultation Lab is located in GYM 220K, War Memorial Hall and provides methodological consulting services and computing resources to students and faculty members in the School of Education. The lab is staffed by graduate students in the EDRE program who are supervised by EDRE faculty members.

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Program Leader
1750 Kraft Dr., Room 2105
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