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Graduate professional education is concerned with enhancing a broad spectrum of talents in students. Some of these talents are addressed by structured, in-class activities determined primarily by faculty, while others are addressed by out-of-class activities that often are student-directed. Both types of learning opportunities are incorporated into each student's Plan of Study.

The Higher Education program at Virginia Tech is built upon collegial relationships between faculty and students throughout the period of graduate study. Faculty serve as teachers, advisors, colleagues, and mentors to students.

higher education

Highlights of The Program

  • Focus on preparing leaders for postsecondary education who use and produce high-impact research as part of their practice and who are committed to service in both professional and personal contexts
  • Small cohorts and high student/professor interaction
  • Opportunities for student scholarship and research
  • Capstone ePortfolio experience for students in the master's program
  • Graduate assistantships and tuition waivers available for full-time master's and doctoral students 
  • A commitment to diversity
  • Part-time and certificate enrollment for working professionals

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1750 Kraft Dr. Suite 2000
Blacksburg, VA 24061

M.A.Ed. program:
Sharrika D. Adams, Ph.D.
1750 Kraft Dr., Room 2016
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Ph.D. and Certificate programs
Claire K. Robbins, Ph.D.
1750 Kraft Dr., Room 2007
Blacksburg, VA24060

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