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Our students learn about the latest research in educational psychology so that they can apply it to their area of interest.

10 faculty articles in 2017
30 credits needed to graduate
1.5 years to completion
100 percent faculty commitment
Our Educational Psychology program

The Educational Psychology Program accepts students who are interested in obtaining a master’s degree. Educational psychology is a broad discipline that applies psychological research and theories to educational settings. Students in the educational psychology program study learning, development, motivation, assessment, testing, and instructional design. Individualized programs of study are developed for students to ensure that their studies prepare them well for the career paths they choose.

Why Study Educational Psychology Here?

We emphasize the research and theories related to learning and motivation, as well as how to apply the research and theories to practice. The program is fairly small, which allows for greater interaction between students and faculty. The faculty works closely with students to tailor their learning experiences to meet their goals. Our students investigate strategies to improve teaching, effective methods to present ideas, factors that impact motivation, ways to accurately measure learning and achievement, and practices to create effective learning environments.

“The Educational Psychology program at Virginia Tech helped me grow both personally and professionally. I learned a great deal about myself as a learner, researcher, and scholar. I worked with people who were not just my professors, but they were my advisors and mentors as well.”

Danielle Lusk
Faculty Research Interests

- How students’ beliefs impact their motivation

- The methods instructors can use to design instructional environments that support students’ motivation and learning.


- Multimedia learning

- Constructivism

- The investigation of learning efficacy in mobile and multimedia learning environments

- Cognitive processes and multimedia teaching and learning.


Educational Psychology Research Highlights

Chittum, J. R., Jones, B. D., Akalin, S., & Schram, A. B. (2017). The effects of an afterschool STEM program on students’ motivation and engagement. International Journal of STEM Education, 4(11), 1-16. doi:10.1186/s40594-017-0065-4

Jones, B. D., Sahbaz, S., Schram, A. B., & Chittum, J. R. (2017). Using psychological constructs from the MUSIC Model of Motivation to predict students’ science identification and career goals: Results from the U.S. and Iceland. International Journal of Science Education. Advance online publication. doi:10.1080/09500693.2017.1319093

Jones, B. D., Chittum, J. R., Akalin, S., Schram, A. B., Fink, J., Schnittka, C.,…Brandt, C. (2015). Elements of design-based science activities that affect students’ motivation. School Science and Mathematics, 115(8), 404-415. doi:10.1111/ssm.12143


Schram, A. B., & Jones, B. D. (2016). A cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Icelandic version of the MUSIC Model of Academic Motivation Inventory. Icelandic Journal of Education, 25(2), 159-181.


Ruff, C., & Jones, B. D. (2016). Becoming a scientist: Using first-year undergraduate science courses to promote identification with science disciplines. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 10(2). Retrieved from


Gardner, A. F., & Jones, B. D. (2016). Examining the Reggio Emilia approach: Keys to understanding why it motivates students. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology, 14(3), 602-625.


Related Programs

Students interested in applying to the Educational Psychology (M.A.Ed.) should contact Dr. Brett Jones, by email at

Visit our office at 225 War Memorial Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061

Domestic Application

Spring: December 1

Fall: May 1

Summer: May 1

International Application

Spring: September 1

Fall: April 1



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Program Support Technician
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