The Virginia Space Grant Consortium has about $80,000 total in program funding for member-led innovative project awards. The consortium anticipates making 8 to 10 awards from this funding pool. The consortium is now soliciting proposals for innovative projects in higher education, precollege education, or informal education in which a small grant would make a difference. The deadline is January 22, 2021.

Areas of interest for this solicitation include:

  • Programs that include activities related to NASA’s Artemis Mission for Moon and Mars exploration;
  • Programs relating to earth system science that use data from NASA missions;
  • Summer research experiences for undergraduates;
  • Service-learning experiences for undergraduates, including but not limited to those that might involve unmanned autonomous vehicles; and
  • Professional development programs for teachers.

Other STEM education projects that align well with the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and NASA goals will also be considered.

To learn more, visit the solicitation call here.

Submitted by Tom Ewing, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies