“This Week in CLAHS” — a College Calendar email — is distributed to all faculty and staff in the college every Monday during the academic year, except during semester break; it includes college activities and events in the current week as well as the following week.

The college’s Office of the Dean generates “This Week in CLAHS” solely from information posted on the College Calendar. Information is posted to the  calendar by the calendar administrator in each academic unit; the current list is posted here

Event organizers should forward details about any activity or event — title, description, time, date, contact name and email/phone, sponsor(s) — to the appropriate person on the list. 

The academic unit is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information once it has been posted to the calendar. If any information is modified after the event has been posted, please notify Randa Freeborn (randaf@vt.edu) of the changes.

The deadline each week for posting information on the College Calendar for inclusion in the Monday “This Week in CLAHS” message is noon on the previous Friday.

Additional Information for Calendar Administrators

Instructions, which can be found on the college’s FreshDesk knowledge base, include:

Please remember that events posted on the College Calendar can be linked to the VT Event Calendar (click the box at the bottom of the “Add new event” page) but not the other way around. If you post events directly to the VT Event Calendar, they will not be on the College Calendar and will not be included in “This Week in CLAHS.”

Questions about the content of “This Week in CLAHS,” should be directed to Debra Stoudt at dstoudt@vt.edu.

Submitted by Debra Stoudt, Associate Dean for Academic Policies and Procedures