In Fall 2021, pending budgetary support, the Center for European Union, Transatlantic, and Trans-European Space Studies (CEUTTSS) at Virginia Tech will offer funding support to CEUTTSS core faculty to carry out CEUTTSS-related research activities and creative work. Grants will be awarded competitively with preference given to activities that advance the core mission of CEUTTSS, advance expertise on European and trans-European affairs at Virginia Tech, and strengthen collaborative ties between Virginia Tech and European Union-based partner institutions.

CEUTTSS Faculty Support Grants may be applied toward a range of expenses, including research assistance, research trips, publication costs, purchase of equipment, conference travel, and release time from teaching. The maximum amount awarded will be $4,000. Pending budgetary approval, in 2021-22 CEUTTSS plans to award up to five Faculty Support Grants. All funding must be used in FY 21-22.

Eligibility: All CEUTTSS core faculty are eligible for this grant. CEUTTSS defines “core faculty” all Virginia Tech faculty who (1) have taught or are scheduled to teach a planned or approved CEUTTSS-related course; or (2) faculty involved actively in CEUTTSS governance.

Requirements: If a proposal is funded, the grantee is committing to (1) presenting ongoing and/or final research results at CEUTTSS workshop(s), lecture(s), or another CEUTTSS-sponsored event; (2) providing a final one-page report of activities upon project completion; (3) acknowledging CEUTTSS for support in all manuscripts and presentations benefitting from this funding. In addition, during the course of the funding, the grantee agrees to serve as a CEUTTSS Research Fellow.

Timeline: The deadline for applications is January 15, 2022. Incomplete, late, or incorrectly formatted applications will not be considered.

Application procedure: The application should be a maximum of two pages total, with one-inch margins and text single-spaced in Arial 11. The application document should contain a description of the activity, a rationale for the project’s feasibility and its relationship to the applicant’s past record of research and/or other creative work (including publications), and a budget.

 In addition, and not counting toward the twp-page limit, submit:

  • A statement to outline “Project Feasibility During the Pandemic” should be included toward the end of the proposal (no more than 200 words).
  • A list of references cited can be added as an additional page.


All files should be sent in a single pdf file by email to Label files as LAST NAME_CEUTTS_FSG22.

Application Review Criteria:

Applications will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee and funding decisions will be based on the above criteria as well as:

  • Relevance of the activity to advancing CEUTTSS mission and goals;
  • Feasibility of proposed activity; and
  • Positive track record by applicant in European, Transatlantic, and/or trans-European research and record of past engagement at CEUTTSS-related activities, including teaching.


Please direct any further questions to Chris Price (