The Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) is accepting applications for student grants for projects that leverage the combined strengths of science, engineering, art, and design to tackle real-world challenges.

These funds can be used to pursue a range of transdisciplinary activities that are creativity-fueled and human-centric. The institute is accepting proposals in two key areas, with one, $2,000 grant being awarded for each area:

Bridging Physical Distance - With the propagation of the COVID-19 pandemic, what was once a matter of convenience is now a requirement. These projects go far beyond videoconferencing software and include the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies to bring people from around the world together in shared immersive digital spaces to connect, learn, and experience. Proposals in this area should focus on enhancing human connection using technology. 

Creating the Future of Work in Health and Design - Advances in technology are changing the ways we work. From the aesthetics, functionality, and even physical locations of our workplaces to the ways we collaborate with our co-workers and communicate with our clients, these projects focus on efficiency, productivity, and value. Proposals in this area should focus on how healthcare intersects with design to create innovative new ways to care for people. 

Project teams must be composed of at least three students, from at least two different colleges. If two team members are from the same college they must be from different departments within that college.

Applications must be submitted by February 10. Find more information about the funding and submission details online.