The following CLAHS students presented research based upon their education abroad experiences at “There and Back Again: Writing, Research, and Study Abroad Symposium.” The presenters were:

  • Teyanna Braxton, Political Science and Public Relations, “A Crisis of European Values: A Case Study About Racism in Immigration Found in Poland and Hungary”
  • Erika Brotzen, Criminology, “Forgiving the Unforgivable: The Obstacles and Opportunities for Reconciliation in Cyprus”
  • Sophia Campana, Professional and Technical Writing, “Rave Culture’s Future Based on Electronic Dance Music’s Origin, Globalization, and Technological Developments”
  • Rachael Wennermark, Creative Writing and English, “Poets’ Corner: The Puzzle Book”
  • Miranda White, Political Science, “Gender and Nationalism: Abortion and British Colonialism in Cyprus”

The symposium took place April 28 in Shanks Hall; the research was conducted as part of ENGL 4984 There and Back Again: Writing, Research, and Study Abroad, which was taught by Jane Wemhoener, a senior instructor in the Department of English.