The following ASPECT doctoral students gave presentations at the 2023 Western Political Science Association annual meeting:

  • Reed Byg, “Land and Labor Without Food? Rethinking Relations Between Economics, Environments, and Nutrients”
  • Hannah Glasson, “Imagining Democratic Responses to the Climate Crisis Beyond the Legacies of Keynes and Hayek”
  • Sabrina Harris, “The Authority to Empower: Capacity Building Discourses Building Across UN Development Programming”
  • Luther McPherson, “‘More Human than Humans’: The Rebirth of Political Imagination and Blade Runner 2049
  • Leah Ramnath, ”Cynical Geographies: Mapping the Contours of the Kitchen Table”
  • Chayne Wild, “Challenging the Obscure Violence of Neocolonialism: An Onto-Epistemological Critique”

In addition, Glasson participated in the roundtable “Fresh Approaches to Teaching Environmental Political Theory.” The meeting took place April 6–8 in San Francisco, California.