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The Educational Research and Evaluation Program at Virginia Tech supports all programs in the School of Education and provides students with courses in the areas of evaluation/assessment, qualitative methods, and quantitative methods (i.e., applied statistics and measurement), as they are applied in education, the behavioral sciences, and the social sciences in general. Students are prepared for academic positions as research methodologists, corporate positions in research and testing agencies, or government and nonprofit positions as researchers, evaluators, or administrators in research programs in education and the social sciences in general.

Educational Research and Evaluation courses are available on the Blacksburg campus; the introductory course sequence may be taken at the Northern Virginia campus. Two 5000-level EDRE courses are offered on-line.


Central to the mission of the Educational Research and Evaluation Program is a commitment to achieving excellence in teaching, research, and service to various communities. The Educational Research and Evaluation Program emphasizes high-quality teaching and learning and is aimed at preparing students to achieve success in their professional lives and to be active contributors to the academic community. The program is also committed to fostering the highest quality research and scholarly practice in its faculty and students. It also strives to provide research expertise and other forms of service that effectively meet the needs of the School of Education, other parts of the university community, and the broader community. In each facet of its mission, the Educational Research and Evaluation Program embraces respect for, and a commitment to, diversity in its various forms.

The Ph.D. program in Educational Research and Evaluation is not accepting applications at this time. Current students can find their relevant program information here on the School of Education website.

Reimagining the future begins with practices that put educational excellence, innovation, and equity at the fore. At the Virginia Tech School of Education, you will develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to transform teaching and learning, conduct effective research, and engage with learning communities around the globe. 

As a global catalyst for individual transformation, we are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and practice to reimagine a more equitable and just world.

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Our Educational Research and Evaluation program faculty include widely published, nationally recognized authors and researchers.

Dr. David Kniola smiles calmly at the camera. He wears a navy suit and a blue striped button down shirt with a multi-blue tie
Dr. David Kniola, Assistant Professor of Practice and Program Leader
dr. serge hein gazes at the camera with a pleasant expression on his face. The top button of his blue dress shirt is unbuttoned
Dr. Serge Hein, Associate Professor
marcus johnson is an african american man - he wears a light grey suit with a starched white button down shirt and a maroon tie. He smiles confidently at the camera.
Marcus Johnson, Professor
Dr. Yasuo Miyazki gazes calmly at the camera. He wears a tan suit and stands in front of a glass wall
Dr. Yasuo Miyazaki, Professor
Dr. Weaver-Hightower smiles happily at the camera. He stands in front of a wall of Hokie Stone, wearing a white shirt with narrow grey stripes, and a grey tie with blue and tan dots
Marcus Weaver-Hightower, Professor


The Educational Research and Evaluation Program is approved by the Virginia Department of Education

Note: the Ph.D. program is no longer accepting new students. Students already in this program are not affected by this change.