In a competitive job market, experience is an important commodity. Internships provide you with valuable skills and real-world perspective regarding your chosen career field while giving you the opportunity to explore the possibilities for the future.

Departmental Career Advisors

Classical Studies - Andrew Becker

Communication Studies– Kimberly Higgs

Consumer Studies - Irene Leech

Creative Writing – Jennifer Barton

Criminology – Donna Sedgwick

Family and Consumer Studies - Julia Beamish

Fashion Merchandising and Design - Julia Beamish

French – Fabrice Teulon

German – Debra Stoudt

History – Trudy Becker

Human Development – Mary Ellen Verdu

International Studies – Jennifer Hanratty

Literature and Language – Jennifer Barton

Multimedia Journalism - Kimberly Higgs

Music – Tracy Cowden

Philosophy – Joe Pitt

Political Science – Courtney Thomas

Professional and Technical Writing – Jennifer Barton

Property Management - Rosemary Goss

Public Relations - Kimberly Higgs

Religion and Culture – Brian Britt

Residential Environments and Design – Kathy Parrott

Russian – Nyusya Milman-Miller

Sociology – Donna Sedgwick

Spanish – Jackie Bixler

Theatre and Cinema – Susanna Rinehart

University Resources

Internships are one of the great ways to get experience in your field. Career Services offers resources for students looking to connect with companies. Some of these include:


Career and Internship Fairs

Career Services and the departments of the college offer career and internship fairs for students to meet and network with employers each semester.

For the latest information, see the schedule here.

Michelle Oh
Sociology and History
Michelle Oh

"The past four years at Virginia Tech truly allowed me to flourish academically and professionally.  My internship in a senator's office is just one example of the many professional and research opportunities I received."

Alexis Massie, Criminology
Alexis Massie

"The criminology major at Virginia Tech has allowed me to explore my passion of thwarting and preventing crime. My department has helped me gain internship experience in the field by working alongside police officers, juvenile probation officers, and victim assistance advocates. "

Meghan Oakes, Hokies on the Hill
International Studies
Meghan Oakes

"I attended Virginia Tech to major in international studies because I had an interest in foreign affairs. I wasn't very interested in domestic politics, but interning in Congressman Wolf's office with Hokies on the Hill completely changed my perspective."

Alexandria Hubbard Apparel Housing Resource Management
Residential Environments and Design
Alexandria Hubbard

"Completing two kitchen and bath design internships during my college career has been the true key to my success. Applying class material to the real world expands my understanding. I am confident in knowing I have a competitive resume, which is a great feeling."

Hannah Baumer College Recruitment Internship
Public Relations
Hannah Baumer

"My internship with the college recruitment office gave me the opportunity to practice the skills I have learned in my public relations major while serving Virginia Tech."

Allison Lemon Adult Day Services
Human Development
Allison Lemon

"I completed my field study at Adult Day Services. It has been a great opportunity and I'm excited to use the experience as preparation in pursuing my Master's Degree in healthcare administration."